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Smooth Sailing


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Both short and long-term stress can leave you feeling exhausted, destroy your sleep, tip your blood sugar out of balance, and tear down your health. That’s why Smooth Sailing was formulated to provide complete adaptogenic support to help your body better manage that stress to revitalize your calm, enhance energy, and help you continue to feel your best every day. Formulated to deliver Sensoril, a proprietary bioactive form of Ashwagandha, studied in more than 10 clinical trials, Smooth Sailing may help ease everyday stress, promote strong, healthy muscles, support heart and joint health and help maintain a strong immune system.

Ashwagandha standardized extract (root and leaf) (Sensoril®) 250 mg* American ginseng root standardized extract 200 mg* Holy basil leaf standardized extract 200 mg* Rhodiola root standardized extract 100 mg* Lithium orotate 10 mg*