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Herbal Support for Menstrual Discomfort and Regularity
Chasteberry is a comprehensive herbal supplement formulated to provide support for menstrual regularity, menstrual discomfort, and healthy estrogen balance. The foundation ingredient is chasteberry fruit extract, an ingredient that has been studied thoroughly for the support of gynecological problems, such as menstrual irregularity and hypermenorrhea

Chasteberry is complemented with black cohosh root and rhizome extract as well as ashwagandha root extract, two adaptogenic herbs that research suggests help support healthy stress response and ease climacteric symptoms, which in turn can support healthy libido and reproductive function in females.

Clinical evidence and research shows that the ingredients in Chasteberry may:

Support healthy estrogen metabolism
Support healthy menstrual cycles
Support menstrual discomfort
Support healthy stress response and mood
Chasteberry 10:1 Extract (fruit; vitex agnus-castus) 100 mg *
Ashwagandha Extract (root, stem, and leaf; Withania somnifera; 5% withanolides) 60 mg *
Black Cohosh Extract (root; Actaea racemosa; 2.5% triterpene glycosides) 40 mg *